Vital Essentials Cat Freeze Dried Trout Chicken Breast 1Oz

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Vital Essentials Vital Cat Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are made from USDA, pure, raw, Chicken Breast meat. We never use added hormones or antibiotics, no added fillers, flavoring or rendered by-products. Single ingredient, high protein cat treats support your cat?s health, naturally. Freeze-dried Chicken Breast treats are a great source of easily digestible protein and amino acids. Cats love the taste because we use a 48-hour slow freeze-drying process that locks in the natural flavor, texture and freshness of the meat without compromising the nutritional value. A healthy, nutritious and delicious way to feed your cat between meals. Treats with real meat your cat instinctively craves.


Boneless, skinless chicken breast



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