Tiki Pets Dog Aloha 3.5Oz Variety Pouch Pack (Case Of 12)

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Switch up your furry best friend?s routine with the complete and balanced nutrition of Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Variety Pack Grain-Free Wet Dog Food. Featuring an assortment of protein-packed recipes that include Chicken Huli Huli, Chicken & Shrimp Saimin, Chicken & Salmon Lomi Lomi, Chicken & Duck Maui, Chicken & Beef Loco Moco and Chicken & Tuna North Shore, they?re a great way to prevent him from becoming a picky eater. Each pouch is filled with a high-quality variety of protein sources and nutrients to help build and maintain your pal?s muscles. These grain-free formulas contain savory broths for added moisture and protein your dog needs, plus added vitamins and minerals for his overall health and well-being. These healthy recipes, great for small dogs of all life stages, do not contain white potatoes, corn, rice or wheat, so you can feel good about serving them to your pal. -Real, high-quality, nutrient-dense chicken, beef and fish for a great source of protein your furry pal needs. -Contains nutrient-rich superfoods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, kale and flaxseed for your pal?s overall health and well-being. -Whole mung beans are included to provide protein and fiber essential for your fur baby?s healthy digestion. -Grain-free recipes that do not contain white potatoes, corn, rice or wheat, so they?re great for sensitive tummies. -Complete and balanced nutrition for small dogs of all life stages filled with a savory broth so your pal will keep coming back for more. Includes: -Chicken Huli Huli -Chicken & Shrimp Saimin -Chicken & Tuna Northshore -Chicken & Beef Loco Moco -Chicken & Salmon Lomi Lomi -Chicken & Duck Maui

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