Tiki Pet Cat Luau Pate 5.5Oz Vty Pk Tiki Pets 8Pk - 8 Pak (8 case)

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Feed your carnivore cat the high protein diet they need with Tiki Cat Luau Pate! This variety pack lets you mix things up at mealtime with 6 delicious and exciting flavors; featuring real chicken or fish and savory broth in the smooth pate texture cats love. Great for multi-cat households and cats who love variety; this pack includes 6 flavors.<-p>

  • - <-span>High protein with real; high-quality chicken or fish; because cats are carnivores<-li>
  • - <-span>Soft; finely ground pate texture thats easy for cats to eat<-li>
  • - <-span>High moisture for the supplemental hydration cats need<-li>
  • - <-span>Made with 100% non-GMO ingredients. Grain free and gluten free. No carrageenan; animal by-products; artificial colors; flavors or preservatives<-li>
  • - <-span>Complete and balanced for cats of all ages<-li>
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