Redbarn Pet Products Whitefish Cuts Dog Treats 4.75 oz

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Our Whitefish Cuts are an all-natural, high protein treat for dogs crafted in our company-owned facility in the USA. Our cooks slow-roast fresh white fish until it reaches a crunchy perfection, adding a few unique ingredients like miscanthus grass, a fiber, to create a hearty treat with unique digestive health benefits. Slow-roasting also helps the treat retain the nutritional value of the fish, making them excellent high-value treats, on-the-go snacks, and kibble toppers (for enhanced palatability and variety). Plus, they?re made without the use of artificial flavors, chemicals, or preservatives? just simple, natural, wholesome ingredients. Made in USA|Made with Real White Fish|No artificial additives|No chemicals|No preservatives|Miscanthus grass supports Digestion|Natural, single protein treat|Grain & gluten-free

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