Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Knuckle Bone PopIn Puppy Treat Toy Combo 1ea-XS 1 ct

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For decades; Nylabone has been creating chew toys that dogs love and pet parents trust. Give your dog the ultimate chewing challenge with the Power Chew Knuckle Bone and Pop-In Dog Treat Dog Toy Combo! Made of our toughest material; this chicken-flavored; long lasting chew toy is built for the most extreme chewers. The refillable dog chew toy is veterinarian recommended and features ridges and nubs to help clean teeth through chewing action. Plus; it includes All-Natural Pop-In Treats that fit securely in the treat grippers; allowing your dog to enjoy each treat from both sides. These limited-ingredient chicken dog treats are highly digestible and made in the USA. Whether you want to challenge your furry friend or simply reward them for being a good dog; this treat toy combo will keep them happy; busy; and satisfied.

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