Nulo Hairball Management Turkey and Cod Cat Food 12 lb

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FreeStyle Adult Hairball Management Turkey & Cod Recipe. Grain-Free Formula. 83% Animal-Based Proteins. Ideal for Hairball Management. Probiotic Advantage - Your cat?s spirit is unstoppable, so why should a hairball slow her down? With rich proteins including Turkey and Cod as the first four ingredients, paired with nutrient-packed ingredients like chickpeas and green lentils, this recipe offers a tasty diet for your cat while also helping to reduce hairballs! We?ve formulated this special recipe with the addition of natural insoluble fibers from Miscanthus Grass to help reduce pesky hairballs by gently moving hair through your cat?s digestive tract so that your cat can continue to groom, sunbathe, pounce, and play – unbothered! You shouldn?t have to compromise your cat?s nutrition in the battle against hairballs, and with Nulo FreeStyle?s Hairball Management Recipe you don?t have to! In fact, compare the first four ingredients of our diet with the hairball formula you?re currently feeding your little athlete.

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