Nulo Alaska Pollock; Duck and Sweet Potato Senior Cat Food 5 lb

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FreeStyle Adult Senior Cat Alaska Pollock, Duck, & Sweet Potato. Grain-Free Formula. 73% Animal-Based Proteins. Ideal for Senior Cats. Probiotic Advantage Support your cat for his nine lives and beyond with our FreeStyle Senior Cat Recipe! This tasty recipe features protein sources like Alaska Pollock and Duck and pairs them with wholesome ingredients like green lentils and sweet potato to keep your cat?s spirit youthful for years to come! With 78% of protein coming from animal sources, this recipe is sure to deliver the high-quality protein your little carnivore craves in every bite to help him thrive in his golden years. Also featuring the addition of L-Carnitine to aid in the metabolism of fats as a fuel source, our senior recipe will deliver the nutrition your senior cat needs to stay vibrant and healthy for years to come -- because when you have nine lives, making sure that you?re appropriately fueled for the adventures ahead is absolutely essential!

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