Metro Paws Metro Bliss Nip & Stix (6 Of Each)Pre-Filled Disp

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Metro Paws presents Metro Bliss, a line made with silvervine catnip sourced from the mountains of Asia. Each of the Metro Bliss products has been cat tested and cat approved, even earning approval from kitties who typically do not respond to catnip. The POP display comes with vials of both Metro Bliss Nip and Metro Bliss Stix. A vial of Metro Bliss Nip contains 0.4 oz. of organic silvervine catnip to offer fun play, provide a calming aid and encourage positive training. Owners can also sprinkle Metro Bliss Nip on their cat’s favorite toys. A vial of Metro Bliss Stix contains five organic silvervine sticks and encourages cats to play, as well as digestive and dental health.

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