Huggle Hounds Dog Knottie Finn Shark Large

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Just like for our human children, toys are an important part of our dog?s lives. They?re great for mental stimulation, providing comfort, giving them something appropriate to chew on, and most importantly? they are fun and make dogs happy! Knotties are great for your four-legged friends who are aggressive chewers, or for those who just want a snuggly, squeaky companion. Don?t let their soft and cuddly exterior fool you; the inside is made of three durable layers that are made to withstand your dog?s teeth. Knotties are perfect for your new puppy looking for comfort, or for your old trusty friend to take to their bed for some good old-fashioned chewing. Your pup will love the hours of interactive play with their Knottie, and you?ll love how happy it makes them! HuggleHounds is a unique, design-driven, and highly styled line of products for dogs and cats. Our innovation sets us apart from the rest. We have a large range of toys, mats and beds, apparel, and even gifts for pet people.



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