Boxiecat Clay Deep Clean Litter 40Lb

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Take your litter game to the next level with the Deep CleanScent-Free clumping cat litter from BoxiePro. This unique litter utilizes a boosted blend of natural probiotics to continuously give your cat?s litter a deep clean on a microscopic level 24-7. This helps destroy unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and helps keep waste from spreading throughout your home?with no unseen waste left behind in your kitty?s litter boxthere is no way for her to track it around the house! Andspeaking of trackingthis formula resists clinging to your cats pawslimiting the amount of litter that is carried out of the box in the first place. Best of allBoxiePros unique Flat-Top system forces the litter to clump at the top of the litter box instead of sinking to the bottomwhich makes it easier to scoop. Soyour cat is left with cleaner paws and a cleaner litter box and you?re left with a cleaner home! Exclusive Flat Top technology clumps instantly at the top of the litter boxso it scoops easily and stays clean?all while being 99.9% dust-free! Low-tracking formula keeps your kittys paws cleaner?and cleaner paws make a cleaner home. The boosted blend of probiotics helps stop the spread of unseenmicroscopic waste from your cat?s litter box to other areas in your houseprotecting your home and your family. It also helps destroy unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. One 16-pound bag will last your feline family about a monthand is purr-fect for both single- and multi-cat homes. Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor Choice Awardits ideal for pet parents who want a healthy clay litter option for their home.

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